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At CannaGreen Packaging our mission is to provide the cannabis industry with fully integrated, eco-conscious, and reliable packaging solutions. CannaGreen’s Packaging designs are versatile and have the ability to be used for multiple cannabis formats. By choosing to participate in the stocking program, customers have the opportunity to customise their packaging colours and design to match their brand and products.

Our Services

Stocking Program

The CannaGreen Packaging facility offers custom inventory stocking programs. Each contract is made to fit our customers’ unique needs. Our stocking program requires commitment to purchase an agreed stock over a period of time. This gives our customers the opportunity to save money and access to customised packaging with their brand colours.

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All of our cannabis packaging solutions take into consideration government packaging requirements. Our team provides templates to ensure that your products follow labelling requirements.
GS1 Code & SKU Registration
Our team provides your products with the proper registration so they are ready for sale.
Quality Assurance
CannaGreen packaging meets all Federal regulatory requirements. Before products leave the CannaGreen Packaging facility, it must meet each client’s quality standards provided by their QAP. Each order is shipped and provided with the following QA/QC Documents, Material Batch Lot, Materials COA, Child Resistant Conformity Reports and Documents. Throughout development, our products have endured rigorous testing such as, 6 month product seal testing with and without moisture packs, impact product testing, and an in-house one minute underwater closure seal testing. All testing reports can be provided upon request.

Access Just-In-Time Inventory With CannaGreen Packaging’s Stocking Program

Bring supply chain efficiencies to your cannabis business

Step 1

Select your packaging and set the minimum and maximum inventory quantity for each item. CannaGreen generally warehouses 3 months of your expected packaging demand.

Step 2

CannaGreen manufactures and stores your dedicated packaging in their Western Canadian warehouse, ready to be shipped anytime.

Step 3

Order from your dedicated inventory monthly or as required. You only pay for the packaging inventory you pull. Orders are shipped within one business day once payment is received.

Step 4

CannaGreen manages your inventory levels and manufactures more packaging to ensure minimum inventory levels are maintained.

Maximum and minimum quantities are adjustable over time to match your operational needs.

Access to monthly inventory reports.

All QAP documentation is available and shipped with all packaging orders.

Enjoy secured shipping costs. There are no unexpected import duties, taxes, or freight surcharges.

Master cases included to pair with packaging for outgoing orders.

Family owned &
Operated Facility

CannaGreen Packaging is proud to be a successful family owned and operated manufacturing facility in Airdrie. The factory has been supplying Western Canada with packaging solutions for over 35 years.