Our Home, Our Responsibility

At CannaGreen Packaging, we believe that it is our responsibility to be sustainable with our supply chain. Since legalisation in 2018, the cannabis industry has had issues concerning sustainable packaging design due to compliance regulations. We are committed to always developing new and innovative ways to create greener practices and products.

Recyclable Cannabis Packaging

Our packaging is recyclable

Environmentally Friendly Facility

Our facility has adopted sustainable practices

Community Donations

Canna Green Packaging has donated to sustainable initiatives

Bio-based Offerings

We are consistently looking to develop new bio-based offerings

Shipping Efficiencies

We are dedicated to reducing our total greenhouse gas emissions from shipping

Responsible Manufacturing Practices

Canadian-Made Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging

CannaGreen Packaging takes pride in its Canadian manufacturing roots and is dedicated to implementing Responsible Manufacturing Practices (RMP). This involves an ongoing evaluation and improvement of the manufacturing process, with the ultimate aim of achieving the highest levels of efficiency and environmental safety.

In 2022 we…

100% Recyclable Packaging


Unrecyclable waste

Lower than the average
household produces in a week!

Accumulated less than:

We’re committed to reducing waste and work closely with our partners to develop packaging recycling programs. Our boxes and cases are designed to be reused and repurposed, minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, we offer “green” options, such as compostable degradable plastics, to further support eco-conscious practices.