3 Ways CannaGreen Packaging Ensures Its Always Sustainable

  • CannaGreen Packaging
March 28, 2023

At CannaGreen Packaging, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to implementing Responsible Manufacturing Practices (RMP) to ensure that all of our manufacturing processes are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Here are 3 impressive ways we ensure that our packaging and operations are always sustainable:

1. We Use 100% Recyclable Material in Our Packaging

In 2022, we produced an impressive 48,083 lbs of 100% recyclable packaging. Nearly all waste rejected during production is reprocessed into packaging and other products, minimizing our environmental impact. We are proud to use up to 30% certified food-safe recycled materials in our packaging and in 2022 we produced less than 2 lbs of unrecyclable plastic waste, less than the average household produces in a week!

2. We Design Packaging for Reuse and Repurposing

Our boxes and cases are designed to be reused and repurposed, further minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, we offer “green” options, such as compostable degradable plastics, to further support eco-conscious practices.

3. We Consistently Evaluate Our Operations

We believe in implementing RMP to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and environmental safety. This involves an ongoing evaluation and improvement of the manufacturing process, with a focus on reducing waste and increasing sustainability.

At CannaGreen Packaging, we take pride in our Canadian manufacturing roots and our dedication to being a sustainability-focused leader in cannabis packaging. We believe that our commitment to sustainability is not only good for the environment but also for our community.