Custom Packaging Solutions to Make Your Brand Stand Out

  • CannaGreen Packaging
November 24, 2022

Due to current marketing and advertising regulations placed on the legal cannabis market in Canada, packaging must fit strict Health Canada guidelines which results in a generic appearance. This can often reduce brand loyalty and consumers will buy products solely on the information on labels, budtender recommendations, and previous favourites.

Cannabis packaging labels must follow Health Canada regulations, but if your packaging is child-resistant, a lot of that can be customized. Work with our team to create your custom packaging to ensure your brand stands out from the rest. CannaGreen is one of the few manufacturers which designs and tools its own molds, allowing for continuous product development. CannaGreen packaging prides itself on creating innovative packaging with multiple uses. All molds are made, run and stored in our western Canadian facility. 

All CannaGreen Packaging is made with sustainable materials and is fully recyclable. Our products come in two standard colours, black and white. However, through our stocking program, you may customize the colours of your product. We require that all of our products go through testing and are compliant with the Health Canada labeling requirements. In addition, all of our packaging is child-resistant and does not require secondary packaging for labels.

Immediately wow consumers with your products by choosing the CannaGreen flower case as your packaging solution. Upon opening the packaging, consumers will get a 360 view of your bud, pre-rolls, or edibles. This packaging format is versatile and can fit multiple SKU formats.

Rediscover the classic pop top tube design. Store your pre-rolls in our 98mm, 110mm, and 116mm child-resistant tubes. The slender design allows for multiple SKU formats and convenient storage.

Store your concentrate upright to ensure product integrity. Unlike mylar bags, the CannaGreen concentrate case stays upright throughout transportation. The unique format not only helps uphold the quality of your product but also keeps your product top of mind for consumers.

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