How the CannaGreen Stocking Program Will Elevate Your Cannabis Brand

  • CannaGreen Packaging
July 25, 2022

CannaGreen Packaging designs and manufactures child resistant cannabis packaging in a facility based out of Airdrie, Alberta. Our team has extensive experience within the Canadian cannabis industry and we are experts in Health Canada packaging and label requirements. By participating in our stocking program, LP’s can access packaging storage, just-in-time inventory, matching master cases, custom brand colours, and cash flow management. 

CannaGreen’s Stocking Program Brings Supply Chain Efficiency to Your Cannabis Business

With disruptions to supply chains becoming especially apparent during the pandemic, it is crucial for business to have reliable supply chains for continuity of business operations. With the CannaGreen stocking program, your packaging needs can be delivered domestically without the supply chain interruptions or unexpected import duties, taxes, or freight surcharges that may occur with overseas transportation. With our 24 hour production operations, we ensure that your packaging is available to ship within one business day to anywhere across Canada.

How It Works

When Licensed Producers sign up with a stocking program agreement that will have a dedicated shelf space within our family owned facility. Each month CannaGreen sends out a inventory report updating how much packaging you have left on our shelves. You will be able to order as much packaging as needed depending on your operations, resulting in better cash flow management and access to more capital for other growth business activities. When a packaging order is made, all required child resistant and QA compliant documentation is available and released with all shipments, and matching mastercases are included with every outgoing order. 

To find out more about how your cannabis brand can benefit from the CannaGreen stocking program, please reach out to