The Future of the Cannabis Industry Is Domestically Sourced Packaging

  • CannaGreen Packaging
August 22, 2022

Child resistant packaging is crucial in the Canadian cannabis industry in order to ensure that packaging meets all Health Canada regulations. Cannabis companies often find themselves searching for packaging solutions overseas because historically, they have benefited from overseas manufacturers mainly due to lower product costs. This has not been the case with recent supply chain issues causing unexpected freight costs, increased production and shipping timelines. Therefore, many companies are choosing to switch to domestically produced packaging.

The switch to domestic production means a reduced carbon footprint, ensures production timelines, and often improves the ability to customize packaging to fit product needs and branding. As a result, local and regional supply chains that were previously deemed pricey have recently been seen as advantageous. Not only are domestic sources better equipped to handle market shocks and economic interruptions, but they also help companies become more sustainable and reduce the impact on the environment because the energy used for transportation is significantly reduced.

Although companies are making the shift to environmentally friendly and sustainable cannabis packaging options, the switch can come with challenges due to Health Canada’s strict packaging regulations. Cannabis packaging must have child-proofing features, special labeling, and durable materials. Rigid guidelines make it difficult for brands to find fully sustainable options. However, there are solutions to this problem. Cannabis packaging manufacturers are finding new ways to combat the negative effects of Health Canada’s restrictions and new ways of becoming more environmentally friendly by using 100% recycled materials and/or encouraging the reuse of packaging after the contents are consumed.

CannaGreen Packaging offers many sustainable cannabis packaging solutions such pre-roll cases, dried flower jars, vape cartridge protectors, concentrate jar cases and much more. All packaging is designed, manufactured, stored, and shipped from a 100,000 square foot facility located in Alberta, Canada.

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